There’s a few ways to get in touch with me through this site.

  1. Use the comment box at the bottom to get in touch via this page.
  2. Join me on my Linked In network by using the button on the right of this page to go to my profile, or follow me on Twitter.
  3. Drop an email to writing [a] patesonline [dot] net

Looking forward to hearing from you!

6 responses to “Contact

  1. Rufus

    Hey bro, the website looks fab. Nicely done. Hope alls well in ol’ Blighty. I’ve just notice Japan from the Inside. Very interested. Any way a pauper like me can get mates rates on that? Back to work, think the ceiling cameras are on to me…

    /slinks away…

  2. Cheers for christening the site with a first pal comment, Ruf. Glad you dug it.

    Will drop you an email about the book. Watch out for those cameras!

  3. Hide

    It’s goooood! I’m pleased when I listend to the “end game”. It’s also preferrably catchey…I can sell more copies if I have an opportunity than … It was also good, but a bit difficult for non-music professionals….sorry… Anyway, I’m glad you live in your way there.

  4. Glad you liked the song Hide, and yes, it’s a lot more catchy than the Control K stuff! If you’re interested in trying to sell more copies of that material, do let me know. I understand it’s selling well on iTunes Japan at the moment…

  5. Thanks for writing a comment on my essay on digital publishing and book-selling. Your comment prompted me to look at your short-story page and your first book (very nice, btw). That is to say, I learned of another variant on how computer technology is being used in the industry. What strikes me most from surveying your site is the multivalient nature of it–meaning that you are able to bring more than one genre of writing to your site–tailoring your site differently to each one. For instance, your short story is on a web-page, whereas your book is linked to your publisher’s site, where people can preview the photos. At any rate, I will reply to your comment in my comment area–the least I can do. Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks Dr Worden for your comments (and excuse the delayed response here). I’m glad that I’ve been able to show you another way of how computer technology is being used in book publishing. Self-publishing, from the blog to print-on-demand services, is potentially as revolutionary a move in the capturing of the written word as Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press itself. Today, anyone can be a publisher. The issue is more being able to capture audience attention when there is a massive over-supply of the written word.

    As for the range of writings you can find on this site, I tend to flit from subject to subject and genre to genre far too readily. I’m happy that this repository at least seems to give some coherence to it all though!

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