What’s this blog about?

Writing at a desk

Sitting writing, at a desk

Apparently, as a young child I used to disappear into my bedroom for hours on end and write stories. As far as I know, none of these stories survive now but suggest that since I was able to, I’ve been writing. This blog archive is a first attempt to collect some of my writings together, whether published or unpublished. It includes feature articles, short stories, interviews, travel writing, reviews, song lyrics, poetry, and so on.

It took a couple of years of tinkering away during snatched moments of occasional free time, whilst a multitude of other projects were going on in the background. First started in Blogger and now running on WordPress software, this represents the official home on the internet of my collected writings. I hope that it is easy enough for visitors to find their way around, get to content that may be of interest to them and interact with me if they like (or loathe) it.

Who is Dom Pates?

Brighton's Royal Pavilion at night

Brighton's Royal Pavilion at night

I was born in Brighton, on the English South Coast, after the hippies and before the punks. I grew up in Wales, before moving back to Brighton, and have also lived in Japan, the US, Germany and Tanzania (some for weeks, some for years). This has contributed to a global outlook, in my work and my life. Amongst other things in my time, I have been a musician, teacher, photographer, project manager, internet consultant, bookseller, charity director and bus driver. A few of these I still am, although I no longer drive buses.

I am also a published writer. Starting with school and college magazines in Cardiff and Brighton, I moved on to features in city-wide publications before relocating to Tokyo in 2003. Adding freelance journalist to my career portfolio, I was commissioned to write features, interviews, reviews and columns for local, national and international publications. In 2007, I made it into a book with the preface for ‘Jungle Crows‘, an anthology of Tokyo-based writers. My first full book, ‘Japan From The Inside‘, is available from blurb.com and can be previewed or ordered through the badge on the right hand panel of this site.

Subjects and comments

'Jungle Crows' cover, illustration by Akemi Shinohara

'Jungle Crows' cover, illustration by Akemi Shinohara

This site also includes selections of song lyrics and short stories I have produced over the years. Each post includes the original item plus some background material or explanations. In terms of subject matter I tend to write widely, with my material largely grouped into the following categories – music/arts, travel, and global issues. I am however open to trying my hand at most things.

This site will grow as I get more material written or published. If you’ve liked, loved or loathed any of the material you’ve found here, have any questions or comments about them, would like to republish my work or commission me to write some material for your publication or organisation, please submit a comment below or visit the contact page for details of how to get in touch.

All material, including photos, are © Dom Pates unless otherwise stated. Unauthorised reproduction is seriously uncool.


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